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Products and Services I Pay for

For the curious among you, this page lists the products and services that I pay cold hard cash for. Bear in mind that I only use paid solutions when free alternatives fail to deliver what I need to complete a specific task or the solution leads to an obvious increase in productivity.

All recommendations are in active use. Some have referral links, most do not. If you sign up using a referral link, I receive a commission that is gratefully accepted. If you’re fundamentally opposed to using referral links, that’s okay too (just use a direct site link) but my recommendation stands for each entry. Affiliate marketing is not and never will be my focus. The free products and services I use are indicated on another page.

Entries that I pay for will be added as time allows, given that work must take priority over site updates.

My Website

Site Hosting – My preferred hosting provider is ICDSoft. With servers in the USA, Europe and Hong Kong, their support team is second to none. I’ve been with them since 2011 (started with shared hosting and now on VPS), after poor experiences with other providers in Ireland, the UK and the US in the previous 15 years. If you want uptime, timely 24/7 support (always within minutes) and professionalism, then Web hosting by ICDSoft is my only recommendation.

Spam Protection – I use the Spam Protection by Cleantalk WordPress plugin ( the entry-level package that covers up to three sites). For a small annual fee, your sites are protected against comment and contact form spam. To review and perhaps purchase the product, click on the button on the  footer or use the referral link shown here.

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