Michael O'Dwyer

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Michael O’Dwyer is an Irish journalist, blogger and business consultant and is based in Hong Kong/China. He specializes in technology and its relevance to business, society and popular culture. When not writing for clients, Michael updates his websites and contributes to Medium on topics relating to the freelancing life and the technology that powers it.

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Writing for peanuts? Time for a reality check

Are You Being Paid Peanuts for Writing? As some you may get defensive, be advised, I know what it’s like. I’ve been there too, receiving a pittance for my writing efforts. As a full-time writing professional, I’ve often seen the phrase ‘paying peanuts’ used in forums, blogs, discussion groups and on social media. It’s not …

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Hire a Writer using job boards?

Why bother trying to hire a writer? As writers, regardless of experience level, we check out job boards. We seek suitable clients who will hire  a writer for future projects. It makes sense to do so, right? In an ideal world, certainly. Unfortunately, prospective clients seeking to hire a writer often wax lyrical about the …

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Writing IS a Business

Writing is a Business Service (in many cases) In my mind, writing is a business if you have company or business clients. The only exception to this applies to those fortunate enough to write only for the pleasure of writing. These lucky bastards lack deadlines and can write on any topic they choose. In some …

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Comment Spam – a Guide for Site Owners

Comment Spam – not just Annoying As early as 2009, the Google Webmaster blog has indicated that comment spam is of no benefit for increasing search engine rankings and can in fact penalize both the spammer and the website unfortunate enough to receive these ‘comments’.   Surprising to learn that many years later, comment spam …

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The Fiery Freelancer : Welcome

The Fiery Freelancer This blog contains my opinions, insights and recommendations for those involved in the freelance writing industry. As the blog name The Fiery Freelancer (and photo) indicates, I have no tolerance for bullshit, time vampires and other annoyances. Therefore, If you’re of a sensitive disposition or easily offended, prepare for something special… Seriously, …

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Is Freelance Writing an Option for you?

Why did you Choose Freelance Writing? My transition to freelance writing began in 2009.  Savings were running out, a baby on the way and a global recession, which meant that fat expatriate contracts in Asia didn’t exist for anyone but senior executives. Therefore, a change was necessary. On the plus side, I liked writing and …

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