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The Fiery Freelancer

This blog contains my opinions, insights and recommendations for those involved in the freelance writing industry. As the blog name The Fiery Freelancer (and photo) indicates, I have no tolerance for bullshit, time vampires and other annoyances. Therefore, If you’re of a sensitive disposition or easily offended, prepare for something special…

The Fiery Freelancer - in person

Me; note the red eyes, air of unpredictability & potential for violence…

Seriously, if you find swearing (natural language to me) and non-PC metaphors upsetting, don’t bother with this blog. You won’t like it.

On the other hand, if you enjoy TV shows such as Peaky Blinders, Vikings, Shameless, The Sopranos, Spartacus and The Young Offenders (shot in my own home city of Cork, Ireland) or movies such as Deadpool and Venom, then you’ll fit right in on this blog. In addition, if you hate political correctness and see it as a form of cowardice or language destruction, even better.

Writers, those who hire us, marketers, industry experts and their PR reps are all very welcome.

I aim to cover all aspects of freelance writing life in the coming years. These topics will include:

  1. where to find work
  2. client stories
  3. marketing insights
  4. technical recommendations in software, hardware etc.
  5. tips on the writing process
  6. observations and of course rants on anything that takes my fancy


I will not:

  1. sell you anything on this site (you can look at my company site if you wish to spend some cash). Alternatively, just make a donation to a starving writer via PayPal My preferred and local currency is HKD (Hong Kong dollars). Other subscription and donation options will appear in my signature. All support is gratefully accepted but is not obligatory.
  2. offer to train you
  3. critique your writing unless asked in a private setting


I will:

  1. be brutally honest, answering all questions asked
  2. react to trolls in a predictable manner
  3. recommend products and services that I use
  4. provide a resource for all who need it
  5. post a new topic as often as possible between paying projects


Finally, welcome to the site and I look forward to future intelligent interaction. Feel free to contact me or suggest future topics in the comments. I’ll act on each in the order received.

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