Is Freelance Writing an Option?

Why did you Choose Freelance Writing?

My transition to freelance writing began in 2009.  Savings were running out, a baby on the way and a global recession, which meant that fat expatriate contracts in Asia didn’t exist for anyone but senior executives. Therefore, a change was necessary. On the plus side, I liked writing and I believe this has to be part and parcel of the occupation. The reasons for taking up freelance writing are many and varied. Some or all of the following will apply to you:

Enjoy Freelance Writing

Whether it’s part-time or full-time, if you find writing a chore, then every project or assignment will take longer to complete.

Need the Money

Financial concerns are a fine motivator and can drive a new writer to high levels of productivity, if the work is available. More about work types later.
In locations where the mandatory minimum wage is very low, freelance writing online may be an improvement and allow you to earn more than working for a local company.
OR, your full-time job may not be enough to pay the bills and this makes supplementary income from writing a necessity.

Perhaps technological advances have or will make your employment role obsolete. AND freelance writing offers new opportunities with minimal investment.

Qualifications & Freelance Writing

Your professional and academic qualifications make freelance writing a natural progression. A journalism degree, for example, makes writing an obvious choice. In my case, I brought 20-plus years’ experience in business, IT and technology to the table. How about you? What do you bring? What are your chosen areas of expertise?


It is possible that technological advances have or will make your employment role obsolete. The Internet affected print journalism,for example, with many full-time journalists going freelance as an alternative to staff jobs at traditional publications.
On the positive side, with AI (artificial intelligence)predicted to take a lot of jobs in the not too distant future, creatives such as writers are safe for the moment, with proofreading taking the biggest hit as robots replace humans.

A desire to be your own boss

Who hasn’t thought of their employer in unflattering terms at some stage of their career? Being your own boss, although I highly recommend it, comes with a lot of responsibility. All business decisions are now yours to make.

Perhaps, you have or had other reasons for choosing writing? Let me know and I’ll add the best ones.

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