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Let’s keep it simple. I’m available for freelance projects that match my expertise but I won’t use to go on about it.

A revamp of

I now use my company site to desperately beg for paid writing projects. If seeking a writer here, all my required info is under a single menu item appropriately named “Hire this?” As most of my work comes from direct pitching to editors and publishing contacts, don’t feel bad if you ignore that page. I’ll be fine 😉
My name is Michael O’Dwyer. I’m also known as THE FIERY FREELANCER as I have a low tolerance for the bullshit common to the freelance writing and journalism areas.

Comments are welcome, as are suggestions for future post topics. If you’re having problems with an aspect of freelance writing, whether it’s clients, writers, the marketing team or expert sources, I’d love to hear about it. Offers of guest posts and requests to post submissions on third-party sites are all ignored. When this changes, I’ll announce it.

With any luck, as time goes on, we’ll identify all the common issues and come up with solutions to solve them.


Every writer needs an online presence that he/she controls and this one is mine. I will express my opinions without being censored and, with any luck, gain readers interested in the topics I  write about.

Therefore, the site is for those who write for a living, related clients and other professionals in marketing and PR. Others are welcome.

I plan to cover all aspects of the writing life in the coming years, including worthwhile job markets, the technology/tools worth using and the entire publishing process from first pitch to final publication.

No Monetization

Monetization is not the primary aim of this site and it will never have a shop, ads or offer paid downloads. The only exception is for products and services that I recommend (that I use and pay for). If the product or service has an affiliate scheme, I join it for approved products only (it’s a small list and is placed on a single menu).

If a referral ID is part of the URL that redirects you to the provider, I receive a small commission if you decide to purchase. This does not take money out of your pocket as the sale price does not change if you find it yourself online. Prior to every recommended purchase, search for coupon codes or vouchers .

Examples and Disclosure

I use CleanTalk to protect my WordPress websites from spam. It’s a paid annual service that is less than a dollar per month (for three websites-the smallest option). Before purchase, I spent hours each month reviewing and deleting comment and contact form spam. Worth the money, right? In the page footer, you will notice the button showing the spam attempts blocked since re-installation (November 2019) . This contains a referral ID and I receive a small commission. In addition, my VPN provider has another scheme where I can send an invite by email. If my contact makes a purchase, we both get a month of free VPN access…

OK, now you can’t say I’m hiding anything. Don’t worry, I use free services where possible and will recommend those on another menu. Recommended sites, services, tools, software and processes are all fair game. Links with referral IDs are in the minority and I won’t make a living from it. Perhaps, a cup of coffee every so often.

What do you think so far? Seems like a plan to me… Feel free to contact me with your thoughts as I’ve disabled comments on all pages (it’s cleaner).

Thanks for reading,

Michael O’Dwyer

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